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Asphalt is the ideal material to surface roads, driveways & parking lots. Asphalt is cost effective and environment-friendly. Well installed and properly cared for, asphalt can last 30 years. Asphalt is the most sustainable pavement due to its ability to be recycled.

We install New Construction Asphalt pavement for parking lots, driveways & pathways. We will prepare the site by obtaining the proper sub-grade to lay the asphalt. We install the asphalt in two phases: the base coat and the top coat. We also provide the final touches of Striping, Signage & Speed Bumps.

Another option, if you have an existing asphalt parking lot or driveway is an Asphalt Overlay. An overlay preserves the existing pavement and adds a fresh layer to the top, giving it a new appearance for less.

It is crucial when laying concrete to have a proper sub-grade. This will ensure that the concrete is stable and will have less of a chance for settling and cracking. There are different types of mix designs of concrete. The design depends on the project design and weather. Concrete is environmentally friendly and is able to be recycled.

We pour concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks and curbs. In addition to laying new concrete, we also remove and replace existing concrete. We are able to mill out existing concrete, recycle and replace it with new. Concrete needs to be saw cut, giving it room to expand and contract due to the change in climate.


Asphalt pavement does need to be maintained like any other paved surface. Sealcoat is a way to protect your investment. Sealcoat helps slow oxidation, water penetration & surface deterioration. It is suggested that you sealcoat your asphalt surface every 3 years to prolong the service life of your pavement. After the sealcoat has been applied to your parking lot, the lot will need to be re-striped. We offer those services as well (Striping & Signage).

Another way to ensure that the properties of your asphalt will last the test of time is to Crack Seal. We use Hot Rubber Crack Seal. This helps secure your foundation by preventing moisture from weakening the sub-grade. Cracks are routed and cleaned out to secure the proper bond between the asphalt and the crack seal.

We also provide our customers with the service of Asphalt Patching, from pot holes to craters. Replacing damaged or missing asphalt not only helps the appearance of your drive or parking lot but also prolongs the life of your parking lot or driveway.

Along with the above mentioned asphalt services, we also provide Drainage Correction, Saw Cutting & Milling. Asphalt milling allows the asphalt to be broken up and recycled, leaving a clean surface for new pavement to be laid. Reshaping the grade and placing new product allows for proper drainage.

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